Ribera del Duero


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My favourite region for wine and hence gets first spot in my wine review.

The Ribera del Duero region is almost entirely devoted to making red wine (which is good because I can almost find any excuse to open a bottle of red), and their wines generally have a firm tannin with complex aromas of mulberry and blackberry. The D.O. dictates that Ribera del Duero wines must be at least 75% tempranillo (the local grape variety from Spain and Portugal) where the balance is normally made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec.

Here’s where it is on a Spanish Wine Map.

So why do I like Ribera del Duero over Rioja (the most popular wine region in Spain)?

Well, Ribera Del Duero is darker, more dramatic and intense, with focused, concentrated notes of black licorice and very concentrated ripe black fruit. Think coffee grounds and best quality black licorice with a touch of exotic vanilla and you may sense the flavor.

Rioja’s tend to have generally sweeter tannins integrated with ripe red fruit and a bit acidity. Flavors like vanilla, coconut and chocolate are evident in both regions as this is the resulting flavour you get when the tempranillo grape ages in oak.

And in wines (as well as in life), I like it more dramatic and intense.

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