The Food Science of Cycling

The fact that I’m doing several bike rides weekly, some tipping the 50 mile mark, while I train for my London to Paris ride is getting me conscious about making sure my body gets the right nutrients for the demand I’m putting on it.

Luckily, cycling diets seem pretty straightforward (at least for my purposes). A main factor in this diet is the glycemic index (GI) in these foods which are classified according to its effect on the body’s glucose levels as it’s digested. The higher the GI, the quicker blood glucose levels rise (pure glucose has a GI of 100) and foods with lower GI slowly drip-feed glucose more gradually into the bloodstream.

Because I’m training for 70 mile day bike rides and will be doing some long training days, It makes sense to divide the diet to groups while I train.

Time GI Type Food
12-18 hours before Low GI Wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes (*Carbo Load)
2-3 hours before Low-mid GI Porridge, muesli, banana, rye bread toast or scrambled eggs
During High GI One 500ml isotonic drink and one 500ml of water every 2 hours. Glycogen levels will drop out after 2 hours so also good to take dried fruit (raisins and dates) and an energy bar.
Right after High GI + Protein For fast recovery, take proteins such as Milk, a protein shake, tin of tuna
2-3 hours after Low-Mid GI Grilled Salmon, steamed broccoli, sweet potato

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* Carbo Loading allows the liver and muscles to store the resulting slow but steady stream of glucose as glycogen, instead of fat.

There’s a very comprehensive list of foods and their corresponding GI levels here.

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