Filipino Chicken Adobo

Our national dish, and there are probably as many varieties on this as there as islands in the Philippines.

I had to cook a Filipino feast for my flatmates before we all went out separate ways, so I pulled out my own version. I like to use Chicken instead of Pork (some people mix both) because of the nutritional value chicken has over pork. Some may say your missing out in that nice juicy flavour and consistency when you bite into a piece of pork that is lined with the right amount of fat, but many times at that point my mind drifts to clogged arteries and heart attacks so I’ll take it in moderation thanks.

Anyway, this version was a resounding success compared with the other dishes I cooked at the same time (Pancit Bihon & Kare-Kare – which I might add was a complete disaster). I went for 25% soy sauce, 50% vinegar and 25% water this time around and I quite liked the balance. Quite a few recipes go for 50% soy sauce and 50% vinegar, but I always find the soy sauce comes too strong with that.


4 Chicken Breasts and 4 Chicken Legs
1 cup white vinegar
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1/2 cup water
half a garlic chopped
1 tsp black peppercorns
3 bay leaves

I fried the chicken first to get it nice and brown, and then threw it in the pot with everything else for a good 45 minutes.

Can’t think of an easier Filipino dish to cook!

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