First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that the route above isn’t exactly the way I travelled through Italy. It was my intended route when I started out, but after being advised numerous times by fellow travellers and locals to visit Cinque Terre, I decided to do so and so bypassed Bologna and Parma completely. Other than that, the map does paint a fair image of my journey.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that I’m currently listening to “Classical Music: 50 of the Best Film Classics”, which I’m hoping will give my writing an age-old air to it. ?


My five days in Naples can probably be summarized in two words: Pizza and Pompeii.

Simply trying to eat as much of the legendary Pizza’s that Naples is famous for dominated most of my time in Naples. And the best thing about that, especially since I’m currently writing this journal a year and ten months from when my trip to Italy happened (so the details are more than hazy), is that I already wrote about my Pizza adventures here.

IMG_0546_1024I visited Pompeii on a very hot day – the scorching sun burning our skins as a small reminder of the fate the people suffered when Mount Vesuvius erupted. What was so unique about that eruption back in 79 AD was that is buried the whole ancient Roman city, including 2,000 inhabitants that didn’t have enough time to flee.


October 8 – 12 :

Near subway *Lilac Room w AirCon*
Via Lucio Sestio, 27
Rome, Lazio 00174

Alessandro Vattilana
+39 3929 875 433
+39 298 754 33

Pizzarium (pizza by the slice from €3. Metro Cipro – Musei Vatican. P136)
EATALY (Mall dedicated to italian food. 10 minute walk from Piramide metro. P136)

* Campo de’ Fiori is a nice square in the centre, with nice but sometimes overpriced tourist restaurant and a nice food market (Go to the food market!!!!). You can find there a very good schiacciata and I’ve been in a nice restaurant there which is preparing home made pasta of very high quality:
* It’s not cheap but my experience was positive.
In Rome you have to try the pasta, especially the Carbonara, and the Carbonara I tried in the Osteria da Fortunata was very very good.
They’re doing it properly, with the guanciale, which is grilled pork cheek lard, and not pancetta or bacon.

Florence & Tuscany

October 12-18 :

Oct 12: Florence
Oct 13: Florence
Oct 14: Greve
Oct 15: Pisa + Lucca
Oct 16: Siena + Brunello di Montalcino tour
Oct 17: Greve + Cycling tour to Castellinuza, Vignamaggio & Lemole e Lemole
Oct 18: Saw Michelangelo’s David, left for Turin

Florence was the cradle of Renaissance and home of Machiavelli, Michelangelo and the Medici.

* Piazza del Duomo: Red-tiled dome cathedral with a graceful campanile (bell tower) and pink, white and green marble facades
* Uffizi Gallery – finest Renaissance treasures (allow 3-4 hours)

* Lampredotto (tripe sandwich. Apparently it’s amazing) at Sergio Pollini Lampredotto (Via de’Macci FLorence)
* La Decima Musa €€€ (from Matteo)
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1 Day Lucca + Pisa (another beautiful Renaissance City)

* Walk through the old medieval city. The cobbled Via Fillungo is full of sleek, modern boutiques housed in great old building.
* Walk east of the Via Fillungo to one of Tuscany’s loveliest piazzas, oval, cafe-studded Piazza Anfiteatro

* eat prosciutto stuffed schiacciata at a Bakery called “Giusti”

Ceccina – chickpeas on a piece of bread

Turin & Piedmont

October 25 – November 1 :

Oct 25: arrived in Turin. Paolo took me to a wine bar and we had Pizza!

Oct 26: Salone Internazionale del Gusto. Slow wine!!!!

Oct 27: walked around Turin. Had Bicerin with the American delegates.

Oct 28: Moved to Sirio’s home. Went to the Turin Cinema Museum. Ate black truffles on raw meat with Barbaresco wine.

Oct 29 : Alba. Ate white truffles with egg and pasta with white truffles. Met Akiro the Japanese dude.

Oct 30 : Barolo (lunch at trattoria Della posta di alba. Drank Damilano Barolo 2007, Risotto al Barolo, braseati al Barolo). Visited Museo del Vino a Barolo and tried wines in its cellars. Went to wineries “Marchesi di Barolo” and “Pira e Figli” (their Barolo 2009 from Mosconi was da bomb. Good tannins. Meaty.)

Verona and Venice – November 1 – 8


Elisa Cailotto
+39 3337 632 845
Via Fratelli Bronzetti, 14 Int. 7 – Ganzarolli, Verona, Veneto 37126, Italy

Maria Chiara Cristofori
+39 3278 541 710
Calle delle Pazienze, 2885, Venice, Veneto 30123, Italy

@ The Guggenheim Museum
* Pablo Picasso
* Kandinsky
* Max Ernst
* Salvador Dali
* Miró

Ali Laguna orange line
Takes one hour
Comes from right goes left
Left + left + straight!

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