Vizcarra 2011

I’ve finally found it! The wine from the vineyard I tried 6 years ago that got me hooked on Ribera del Duero, Vizcarra! Drinking this needs the appropriate ceremonial rights; let me grab some Paleta Joselit Iberico de Bellota and Queso de Vaca.

Now I’m ready. =)

Made from 100% Tempranillo grapes, this wine has been aged in American and French Oak for 15 months. Obviously not the same wine I tried 6 years ago as this is a 2011, but it’s from the same vineyard and boasts the same flavours.


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View: Deep violet
Nose: Begins with a lovely bouquet of dark broody black fruit, interlaced with orange blossom, blackberry leaf, lead pencil, underbrush and hints of cedar
Taste: The palate is full bodied pure silk, glides across the tongue like the silver surfer. There is both dimension and grace to this wine as it unfurls in the mouth, boysenberry and raspberry fruit, damson, warm slate, this is deep and keeps shimmering and unfolding layer upon layer, perfectly focused.

The other two wines are a distant memory to me now… this is still my favourite. It was left in barrel for just the right amount of time to get the perfect balance between wood and grape. Heaven!

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