Space Cakes


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Not quite a gastronomical delicacy but certainly one of the more interesting things I’ve eaten in Amsterdam, my space cake experience is one I truly won’t forget.

Having researched on the best place to eat Space Cakes in Amsterdam, I rounded up a group of willing couchsurfers to accompany me in this drug induced culinary exploration at a “coffee shop” called Paradox. Coffee shops are establishments in Amsterdam where the sale of Marijuana is tolerated by the authorities; it is not legalized as some people may think, but rather decriminalized. What the difference is, I don’t know but it sounds like the governments way of saying “I don’t completely agree with what you’re doing, but I’ll just make sure I tax you while you do it”. Space cakes are simply cakes with marijuana in it, and the Paradox in Amsterdam is reputed to have the best space cakes both in terms cannabis quantity per cake (it had 1.25 grams, but was reduced to 1.0 grams) and how tasty the cake is.

Myself, Tyrone (an English traveller who I had met two days earlier at another Couchsurfing event for Gay Pride) and Felix (an Austrian who was pretty high on weed before we even started) arrived at Paradox at 5:30 pm and were told by the barman that we had to wait 30 minutes until a new supply of Space Cakes arrived. Being one of the most popular Space Cakes in Amsterdam, this came to no surprise and we were happy to wait, and in doing so an Indonesian with what I can only surmise was his Russian “company” in his stay in Europe arrived in time to join us too.

The cakes arrived and all the customers in the coffee shop descended on the bar like vultures. We each got our cake, about the size of a fist and as thin as a slice of bread, and after taking two bites decided it tasted very much like a moist lemon cake. It seemed completely harmless, and it was a struggle to only eat half and await an hour to eat the other half. We decided to pass the time while we waited for the effects to kick in by buying a few Hertog Jan beers and drinking them by the canal. Not too long after we each finished each of our own cakes, possibly around the 2 hour mark after our first bite, we were suddenly finding anything and everything funnier than it really was, there were long silences punctuated by simple thoughts and I experienced what I can only describe as superhuman hearing. At some point we decided it might be a good idea to grab some dinner, but it took at least 30 minutes from (a) declaring this thought to  (b) actually remembering we decided to do it to (c) actually acting upon this thought and (d) being able to remember what we were doing while we were doing it.

Although this brought being “spaced out” to a whole new level of fun for me, I must confess that I definitely get better highs out of life.

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