There are essentially 3 classifications to know in the Mosel: Qualitatswein (QbA), Pradikatswein, and VDP.

Qualitatswein (QbA)

A wine produced in the Mosel region that meets a minimum ripeness level is a QbA. Quality varies in this category, from bulk wines like Black Cat Riesling to decent quality everyday Riesling wines sourced from all over the Mosel.


Pradikatswein bases quality on ripeness and the amount of grapes affected by noble rot (actually a good thing). Because the region has traditionally been so cool, ripeness has been the determining factor of wine quality. Of course as global warming continues and our desire for dry wine increases we might see this change, but for now, Pradikatswein is the most common designation you’ll find in the Mosel Valley. Here are the levels:

  1. Kabinett: Wines that are dry with around 10% ABV or off-dry (partly sweet) with about 8.5% ABV. You’ll find a great deal of Mosel wines in this category. Many are great.
  2. Spätlese: “Late Harvest” Wines that range from dry to sweet using riper grapes. Wine will be dry with the words “Trocken” on the label.
  3. Auslese: “Select Harvest” Grape bunches are hand selected and have some level of noble rot which adds subtle notes of beeswax, saffron and ginger to the taste profile. These wines range from dry to sweet, and the dry styles will have high alcohol (usually around 14%+ ABV)
  4. Beerenauslese (ba): “Berry Select Harvest” Grapes are hand picked that have higher levels of noble rot. Wine created in this level are exceptionally sweet.
  5. Trockenbeerenauslese (tba): “Dry Berry Select Harvest” The most raisinated noble rot grapes are selected for the highest end sweet wines of the region.
  6. Eiswein: “Ice Wine” Only when grapes freeze and are harvested frozen can a wine be labeled as ice wine.

VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter)

The VDP is an association of German wine estates that classifies wines by the quality of the vineyard. Wines are rated as Gutswein (regional wines) all the way up to Grosse Lage which designates the very best vineyards of Germany. While the association has invited only about 200 wineries in Germany, you will see these vineyard classifications on the neck of a bottle of Mosel Riesling.

Finding Great Mosel Wines by Vintage

The second layer of finding great quality in the Mosel is knowing, and respecting, vintage variation. Very simply, cool climate wine growing regions like the Mosel Valley tend to be more susceptible to variable weather conditions. It’s possible that great producers will still make great wines on less favorable vintages, but bulk/value wines usually suffer. As a general rule, great vintages (like 2015) offer amazing wines at all price points, whereas less-awesome vintages (like 2016) require some buying finesse.

Germany Vintage Chart (2006–2016)
Year Rating Notes
2016 7+ Tough vintage. Lots of rain and insect problems.
2015 10 Just freakin’ awesome. Please save some for me.
2014 9 A cooler vintage overall, leading to wines with more acidity. Could actually age quite well.
2013 8 Great producers did well but others, not so much, mainly because of rain and rot problems.
2012 7 Really inconsistent grape bunch development meant only the fastidious producers made out.
2011 9+ A great vintage in the Mosel that was slightly ahead of schedule. Wines have awesome structure and depth.
2010 8 A challenging vintage for ripeness but some producers expect these wines will last for decades.
2009 9 A long warm vintage (well, warm for Mosel) that produced rich wines.
2008 9 Maybe not as good as the 2007s, a little more herbaceous and inconsistent, great producers are making age-worthy wines.
2007 10 Wow. Wow. If you can still get it, drink with glee.
2006 7+ This vintage started out awesome, but it didn’t end so well. cialis 20 mg In a sense, the decrease of testosterone level makes them gentler and more domesticated. These online programs were made to assist teenagers to their permit but also assist aged people to brush up their driving abilities and for drivers who are concerned about the problem of premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), it is advisable to pay attention to the drug Duloxetine (Priligy), this is the best medication available today! Sometimes people buy viagra on line pharmacy in a larger quantity. Erectile dysfunction order cialis online tends to spoil the life of a person becoming addicted to the drug. Apart from using the herbal cure for sexual weakness, you should also consume healthy diet viagra cheap no prescription regularly.

  • 10: I would buy without limit and cellar (if only budget wasn’t a limit!).
  • 9: I would buy and drink, and buy again, and drink again.
  • 8: I would buy and not take too seriously unless it was from a favorite producer.
  • 7: I would be very, very picky with my producer choice. Basically, if you’re a pro, you know how great an unloved vintage can be.

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