Lockdown Day by Day

Everyone has their own story of how lockdown changed their lives. When lockdown came into effect on March 23, Clare had just passed her 20th week of pregnancy. This meant for the remaining 21 weeks of carrying Adrija, she did so in the comfort of our own home with me to support her all throughout her journey. We got into a rhythm of eating lunch in the summer sun on our small terrace, going for afternoon walks around Chiswick, doing yoga at home and trying to decipher as much as we could about pregnancy and childbirth through books (“What to expect when you’re expecting”) and virtual hypnobirthing sessions! Furthermore, being forced to cancel all our holiday plans for the year meant we were able to succeed in saving for the purchase of our first home as well as all the predicted expenses we would incur on Adrija’s first year. We both kept our jobs (while the UK unemployment rate doubled in 2020) and we both stayed in good health. So by all accounts, we were showered with good fortune and blessings.

Some memorable moments of Lockdown (1.0 & 2.0) in 2020:

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