Hideg meggyleves


Sounds a little bit like a character from Harry Potter, but Hideg meggyleves is the name of a chilled sour-cherry soup that is a popular starter during the summer time in Hungary.

I needed to recalibrate my brain a little bit to having a cold-fruit soup as a starter when I tried this out with an American Chef (whom after spending a whole day with him in Hungary I concluded that I wouldn’t trust him one bit in my kitchen). Interestingly, although it is eaten mainly as an appetizer it can also be eaten as a dessert.
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There is no shortage of fresh cherries in Hungary so this dish is relatively cheap to make. The whole cherries (including the pit) are cooked with water, a generous amount of sugar, a couple of tablespoons of flour and sour cream. To completely attack your taste buds with sugar before you move on to your savoury main course, Hungarians sometimes add whipped cream on top as a “garnish”, which is exactly what they did in my case.

I only took a few spoonfuls of this soup before I concluded I didn’t want to overdose on sugar, but my American Chef friend who eats like it’s the end of the world was happy to finish it up (both as an appetizer and then later as a dessert).

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