Donnachiara Taurasi di Umberto

Irpinia land owes its character to its unusual climate: thermic excursion between night and day which is ideal for the cultivation of the great Irpinia wines because it gives good point of maturation without altering the sugar levels. Soil is clay.

The grapes were harvested in the first half of November 2012

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Manual grape picking, after squeezing the must is put into stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Post fermentative maceration on the skins for 15 days. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barriques. The winemaker believes that good wine is born in the vineyard, and is opposed to excessive handling in cantinache at times, they distort the features. This Taurasi is a genuine and authentic expression of the plant.

On the notes the wine is full, with an intense bouquet of blackberry, plum, cherry, cacao and coffee notes. On the palate the wine is warm, dry, soft, with an elegant structure and great persistence that confirms and amplifies the olfactory sensations.

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