Bougatsa Cream Pie

Bougatsa Cream Pie (Bougatsa made with Sweet Semolina Custard) has recently been crowned my absolute favourite Greek dessert. It’s not anywhere near as popular as the Baklava or the other myriad of desserts that are made with the same phyllo pastry but with a healthy amount of nuts and honey. However, it is definitely the most unique of them all and, when made properly, can be absolutely divine!

What makes it interesting is the combination of the creamy custard (which is made in such a way that is thickened and cooled to a consistency that is almost sponge like) and the crispy phyllo pastry that wraps it. The result is a texture in your mouth bursting with contrasts! A light sprinkle of powder sugar and ground cinnamon on top adds a nice touch to it too!


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Traditionally served as a breakfast dish, I had one in Lion Square in Crete after arriving at the port at 6:00am and waiting for the city to wake up at (what I later found out that day) was one of the most famous Bougatsa cafe’s in the island!

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