Berliners and their Pork

To say that Germans love pork is an understatement. That’s about all that they eat. They serve them in all different forms, shapes and sizes… from dirt cheap to gourmet (never quite got around to this). Picking out three worth remembering:



Grillwalker sausages – They’re pretty basic (a sausage in a bun garnished with ketchup / mustard / mayo ), but cheap as chips. Cost of the business is just for the poor sod who has to stand around all day with that contraption strapped around his body.



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Currywurst – Pick your favourite sausage of choice and they cover it in curry ketchup, with is simply ketchup mixed with curry powder. It’s normally served with a generous portion of fries. I had my doubts about this but it was really delicious (Curry 36 in Mehringdam, one of the famous currywursts in Berlin, was where I tried it)!



Schweinshaxe – recommended by a lovely German I met in Amsterdam, this dish if both a feast for the eye and the stomach. It’s pork shank/knuckle served with sauerkraut (sour cabbage… basically cabbage that is fermented by various lactic acid bacteria). YUM! My favourite pork related meal in Berlin.

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